My name is Jessica Small and I am an Interactive Media Designer. I make my work with (X)HTML/ CSS, PHP, and use MySQL databases.

During my design education and varied work experience, I have discovered that it takes more than talent and skill in order to be successful as a designer. I'm a designer with drive, potential, patience, a high stress level, outstanding organization and communications skills, excellent customer service, detailed, and I live and breathe design.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Interactive Media Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

So sit back, enjoy, and take a look at my work. For maximum awesomeness, click F11 to maximize your screen space (to go back to normal, press F11 again)

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These are some websites that I have created. Take a look, play around and click away! Hover on the image for a description.

Givarec - (X)HTML/ CSS, PHP, MySQL
Weird Dreams - (X)HTML, CSS,PHP
Vern & Jess - (X)HMTL, CSS, PHP, Flash
Rhodes Bed & Breafast (Not a real B&B) - (X)HTML, PHP, CSS, Flash
Paw by Paw - MySQL Database, (X)HTML, PHP, CSS
Fresno Lunchtime - MySQL, PHP, XHTML, Javascript, Flash and CSS
Graphic Art
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These images have been created with either Photoshop, Illustrator, or a combination of both. Some of them have been inspired by tutorials.

Decor - Photoshop
The Stair - Photoshop
Hand made of vines - Illustrator
The Lion - Illustrator
The Girl - Illustrator
Yummy! - Illustrator
Disco Ball - Illustrator
Hearts - Illustrator
Bright Idea - Illustrator
The Moon - Illustrator
Foggy Day - Illustrator
The Vacuum - Illustrator
Yellow Submarine - Illustrator
With These Rings - Illustrator
Lollipop - Illustrator
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These are some logos that I have created either for assignments, or for use on my websites.

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These are a combination of brochures and posters. Software used, InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Flash and Splash
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These are the flash projects that I have created. They range from pieces with little actionscript, edutainment, tutorials, and a lot of splash animations. Note, Basic Knowledge of Wine is an Adobe Director piece.

Did You Know ? Fresno - Flash with Splash
Origami 101 - Flash and Splash Edutainment
Flash Wedding Site - Music and Splash too
Broken Hearts - Flash Splash Animation
Basic Knowlege - Wine. A Director Piece
Singin' in the Rain Website - Flash
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These are some videos that I have edited and one I wrote and directed.

Chocolate Milk Commercial - Written, Directed and Produced by Jessica Small
Nightmare in the Garden - Video and Sound Editing
Water - Video and Sound Editing
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This is a little of digital and traditional photography. Enjoy!

Tower Theatre - 35MM SLR Manual Camera
Japanese Pillar - 35MM SLR Manual Camera
The Red Tree - 35MM SLR Manual Camera/ Hand Tinted
The Entrance - 35MM SLR Manual Camera
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It's nice to hear from the people that have visited my site, so if you have a comment, praise or criticism, please don't hesitate on
letting me know. Note: I am available for side projects.

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